2018 3PM Conference

Differentiating to Win: Marketing & Sales In the Current Environment

The Third Party Marketer's Association annual conference is designed to meet the needs of outsourced sales and marketing professionals and money managers alike. At 3PM, we acknowledge the massive amount of change that is occurring in our industry each day, and our annual conference allows investment management professionals to get a bird's eye understanding of these changes. 3PM firms can discuss these challenges with fellow professionals, which helps to strategically plan for the future.

The conference serves as a casual and intimate environment perfect for networking and knowledge building. Combining structured thought‐provoking panels and free‐flowing networking sessions, attendees can expect to discuss various marketing, sales, regulatory and investment trends that present challenges and opportunities for our industry in the year ahead.



Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Manager Exchange LIVE!
This event will give managers the opportunity to take the podium; to present their capabilities in front of a dedicated audience of highly experienced, industry leading third party marketing firms.

Investor Trends
Listen to industry experts talk about areas of focus and investor trends across
traditional long only, alternative and emerging manager market segments.

Keynote Address - TBD

Efficient Technology Solutions to Maximize Your Marketing in 2018
Are you interested in figuring out how to make marketing and sales easier and more cost efficient through technology? Learn more about various technology options, how they work and how to integrate them cost efficiently into your marketing efforts.


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Differentiating Investment Managers Through Marketing
The number of investment managers seeking AUM is a constantly growing universe, all with their own story and value proposition. How do you differentiate your investment management capabilities from the crowd? Learn what tools you can use and what positioning matters most.

Regulatory & Marketing: The New Normal
The Regulatory environment continues to provide new challenges to investment management marketing and sales efforts with numerous regulatory changes underway as we enter 2018. Industry experts who know the outsourced marketing space will provide invaluable insight into the regulatory expectations and requirements of compliant firms.

3PM At Work
Members of the Board of Directors will be on hand to discuss the many member benefits 3PM provides to its members. Utilizing any of these perks will help members save money and run their businesses more effectively. Taking advantage of events and programs like Manager Exchange can result in direct leads and opportunities.

The State of the 3PM industry
With the assistance of 3PM, FUSE Research put together a follow-up to the Survey they conducted and presented on the Third-Party Marketing arena at the 2016 Annual Conference. The survey which will be sent to 3PM, asks questions which reflects the current trends in our industry.

Marketing Active Managers in the Current Market Environment
Active managers have experienced significant outflows in the past 3 -5 years as they have struggled to add value and justify their fee structures, leading to the closure of several large investment shops and mutual finds. While this trend is predicted to reverse, in the interim how can managers survive these headwinds and stay in business until active management once again comes back in to favor?

Idea Share—A Marketing and Manager Series
Attendees will be presented with a series of challenges and/or issues that any firm is likely to encounter throughout their tenure in this business. Attendees will be given a limited amount of time to discuss each topic with a small group of their peers and hear differing opinions on how to handle these real life situations. To keep things interesting each group will be shifted around after each issue is presented and discussed. The goal of this session is to give attendees an opportunity to meet as many firms as possible and hopefully come away with some new contacts and best practices.

The State of the Industry: The Outlook for Alternative Investments
Curious what is really happening within our industry? This session will provide a lively review of the current alternative market place and focus on the outlook for a variety of products in the alternative arena. Discussions will focus on areas of opportunity for private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, real estate, infrastructure, private debt and natural resources


Sponsorship Opportinities

Participating as an annual and/or event sponsor with the Third Party Marketers Association is a unique opportunity to access a highly dedicated and focused group of financial services market professionals.

Our members and event participants include a global contingency of investment managers, third party marketers and industry associates all focused on the growth and development of a wide number of growing investment management firms.

We offer four tiers of sponsorship, with 10 separate branding/participation opportunities available.