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  • ARK Global, LLC

  • Arrow Partners, Inc.

  • Butler Capital Investments, LLC

  • Cedar Partners, Ltd.

  • Centerpoint Capital Management

  • Connors & Co. Investment Services

  • Cumberland Partners, LLC

  • Fitzgibbon Toigo & Co., LLC

  • Fortress Group, Inc.

  • Genesis Marketing Group

  • Hamersley Partners

  • Havener Capital Partners, LLC

  • JLT Capital Partners, LLC

  • Lionshare

  • MVision Private Equity Advisers USA

  • North Bridge Capital, Inc.

  • Perkins Fund Marketing, LLC

  • Pursuit Capital Management

  • Sondhelm Partners

  • South Avenue Investment Partners

  • Stonehaven, LLC

  • Tessera Capital Partners, LLC

  • Thomas Capital Group

  • XT Capital Partners, LLC

Non-U.S. Based:

  • ALFI Partners

  • Amade Global Partners

  • MyFunds Office

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Industry Associates

  • Compass Securities

  • DG Analytics

  • Dier Associates


  • FNEX

  • Investment Management Support Solutions, LLC

  • Mick & Associates PLC

  • Monahan & Roth, LLC

  • Philips Murrah P.C.

  • Ultimus Fund Solutions

Investment Managers

  • Gyroscope Capital Management Group, LLC

  • Mesirow Financial

  • ProfitScore Capital Management

  • Williamson Financial